Fitness Coach 
Must Love Empowering People to Live Healthy Lives.  Must Love Working Out, Nutrition and Helping Others!  You Have the Confidence of a Rockstar Combined with Dalai Lama-like Humility.
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CrossFit Coach/ Personal Trainer Application
This is for a Personal Trainer/ Coach who will deliver a world class workout experience to clients. Leading clients through fun, safe, high energy workouts. Dedicated to Helping clients achieve results reach their goals. Retention of existing clients through amazing customer service and experience. Keeping clients safe through proper workout technique and form. Keeping a spotless facility.
  •  High energy and outgoing
  •  Excellent communication skills
  •  Leadership abilities
  •  Natural curiosity and desire to learn and grow
  •  CrossFit experience
  •  CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  •  Previous experience as a personal trainer or in other related fields
  •  Passion for health and fitness
  •  Ability to build rapport with clients
  •  Must not be selfish or self-centered. 
  •  Team player
  •  Must understand that this is a business and in order to help people and provide for all employees, it must be profitable. Must have sales aptitude (meaning not afraid to tell clients about promotions).
  •  Must LOVE appreciating customers and giving them an amazing experience to actually retain them and keep them coming back. 
  •  Must give EXCEPTIONAL service. 
  • Maintain positive and friendly demeanor ALWAYS
  •  Run group fitness classes ranging from 5-20 people.
  •  Demonstrate proper form and technique.
  •  Ensure fitness classes are effective, safe, and fun
  •  Offer support to help clients achieve their fitness goals
  •  Develop and implement specialized training programs for clients
  •  Retention of existing clients through amazing customer service, aiding in text responses and handwritten cards to trainer’s specific monthly block of clients and generating new leads off the offers contained within the card. 
  •  Promotion of all internal offers
  •  Acquiring new customers through referrals
  •  Keeping a spotless facility (training floor & bathrooms).
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